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The differences between Reggio inspired schools and other standard schools



  • STANDARD SCHOOLS focus on, ordered, linear, historical, predetermined, methodical, rigid, structured, expected, and predictable.

  •  REGGIO INSPIRED SCHOOLS focus is group-centered, cooperative, social, open-ended, an expressive process, new age, flexible, spontaneous, freely expressive.

  • · STANDARD SCHOOLS have a pre-determined curriculum and materials set up by the teacher. The teachers pass on knowledge that they want the children to know leaving no room for problem solving and research.

  • REGGIO-INSPIRED learning is determined by the children and teachers in collaboration, in a co-learning context with the ideas flowing between children and teachers. This is an expressive approach which encourages problem solving and research.

  • · STANDARD SCHOOLS classroom walls traditionally just have each child’s final product hanging on the wall. Materials are hidden away which projects a sense of restriction to free expression and research.

  • A REGGIO INSPIRED SCHOOLS classroom walls are filled with documents of the children’s explorations and experiences, conversations and visual expressions. The learning process is documented not just the final product as the process is valued more than the outcome.  The walls are used as a tool of reflection and revisiting by the children, parents and teachers. All materials are in view for each child to use when desired to encourage free expression.

  • · Many STANDARD SCHOOLS do not priorities the visual arts of clay, paint, collage, drawing, and the verbal arts of music, dance, movement, and drama. They are seen as just activites and hobbies.

  • REGGIO INSPIRED SCHOOLS, see the arts as the language children communicate with, allowing children to have a vehicle for expression and development.

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